I work with individuals, teams and companies who want to get better at what they do.

Good results are always based on the work of healthy and motivated individuals forming high performance teams led by leaders who model the way. All my work is based on research on motivation, team, leadership, business development and process leadership. Combined with my own experiences from extreme endurance challenges and entrepreneurship/the startup world.

If you keep doing what you always did, you will NOT get the results you always got. Because the world around is changing at an increasing speed! To stay in business, you need to improve constantly and one of the best ways of rapid improvement is to set one or a few ambitious goals and then work hard to reach them. Having goals and direction also increase motivation among employees. This is where I want to help.

Today it’s necessary to help all employees grow into leaders and self-motivated team members. Self-governance and an environment where people are autonomously motivated to do their best, is becoming a need-to-have. I want to help you build a future proof organisation by taking ambitious steps towards becoming better. Set a goal, work hard together towards it, and reap the benefits on several levels. What are you aiming for?

My customers usually appreciate

My stories from extreme endurance races & how ambitious goals can transform people and teams

That I put a lot of pride in delivering value and to do what I set out to do

That I always put YOUR customers/users in the center of any change process. Customers are your bread and butter and all goals should lead to a better customer experience

The mix of team sessions & individual coaching

That my ambition is to be like LAVA. Lava is driven by a fire inside, full of energy and it creates rock solid results. LAVA is also my own model for setting and reaching goals in life and at work. Love, Autonomy, Values and Ambition. The model combines my experiences from coaching lots of people towards audacious goals and the latest research on motivation.

What my clients say about me and my work

”Christian is a very motivated and driven person who listen, reflect and advice. I had the privilege to work with him during the formation of my company All Binary. With his results in extreme sports, he is an inspiration of what one can achieve with dedication and perseverance.”

Tomas SareklintCEO, All Binary

”Christian excelled leading 35 students at Hyper Island through business fundamentals, strategy and business concepts within the digital media industry. Christian is structured, responsive, humble and caring and the students still talk about him as the best industry leader ever.”

Hanna LarssonProgram Manager, Hyper Island

”Two things that are really impressive about Christian is his drive, he is one of the most driven people I have ever worked with, and his ability to quickly grasp problems and put his responsibilities into a a greater context, thus making him a very good bridge builder.”

Magnus RichardssonSenior Manager, Sony Mobile

”I have seldom met such a goal oriented and positive person. Christian is highly skilled, structured and communicative. He is very customer oriented, ambitious and professional and he brings the attitude that nothing is impossible.”

Mette SchultzGlobal Product Marketing Manager, Sony Mobile

”Christian is fantastic with his blend of mental coaching and physical training. Always available, with a positive attitude and very solution oriented. I still carry the feeling of having greater potential than I think myself, and it helps me every day.”

Johanna ErikssonBusiness Analyst at McKInsey & Company

”Thank you. So many positive feelings and words about your keynote from the whole audience. We are so happy.”

Therese KarlssonHead of Communications, Smålandsidrotten

”A big thank you. Hope you understand how much you have helped us. Couldn’t have wished for a better coach and role model.”

Henrik LarssonProduction Specialist, Citymail Sweden

”Thank you Christian. I´ve learnt so much during our time together. Both how to handle mental challenges and how to break down barriers.”

Gunilla LundgrenNurse at Region Skåne

”We couldn’t have selected a better coach and speaker for our national team gathering. Your presence and competence took us by storm.”

Maria LarssonHead of the National Swedish triathlon team

Christian is a very positive motivator who skillfully applies his gained knowledge and experiences to develop leadership abilities in his clients. His applied knowledge and experiences are grounded on his own will to lead by example as well as on having coached all from pioneering to established businesses and athletes.

Olof WoltilCEO Gröna Tak Blekinge AB

My latest articles published in the newspaper (in swedish)

I usually offer a mix of


Individual coaching is a powerful tool to help you and your employees find answers that exist within your organisation. And to get an outside view on potential keys to reach your goals.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Coaching combined with group sessions is often the best way to get everyone onboard and harness the creativity of your teams. I use a broad tool box and will recommend the best tool based on the desired outcome.

Keynotes and workshops

An inspirational kickstart to any project with a healthy mix of my own experiences and what research shows about how to reach your goals, lead your people and build strong teams.

My toolbox

Business Model Canvas + Lean Startup

Lean Startup is in my view the best process for driving innovation and understanding the business case/model around new ideas. I do anything from two hour workshops to hands-on work doing customer development together with you as a team.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified NLP Business Practitioner (Coach2Coach) with a wide range of tools such as the meta-model, multiple perspectives, logical levels of change, circle of success, coaching (NÖHRA), visualization, modelling and more.

Team Pro Inventory / Team Development

Certified Team Developer by Ledarskapscentrum with a license to use Team Pro Inventory as a tool to develop teams to the next level. Team Pro Inventory is based on the latest and most validated research on high performance teams.

Leadership Development Assesment

Certified by Ledarskapscentrum to use CAR-MA/Q to develop leaders and high performance environments where people feel autonomously motivated to perform their best. Based on leading research by Ed Deci and others.


Individual coaching is often one of the most powerful tools to get to the next level.  Coaching is a way of getting the best out of each team member. It also serves as an outlet for frustration over challenges and obstacles that you will encounter along the way. I am a certified Optimize Coach with an extensive tool box.

Workshop facilitation toolbox

Over the years I´ve built a toolbox for facilitating workshops, getting everyone involved and keeping the energy high. Some tools come from Hyper Island and other’s I´ve developed myself or picked up from other leading facilitators.

I love ambitious people and companies and would be so happy if there’s any value I can provide to get your company or team to the next level. Send me an email at christian@ironcoach.se or give me a call at +46 733 124 940.